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"...good at resource management".

Great people to work with, - client-oriented, quick problem solvers, devoted to the project. Olga always finds a better way to deal with the issues, and is good at resource management and staff augmentation. I highly recommend this team.

 Mike Palei, Tech Lead @   Data2Life

"...technically-excellent staff".

Mellivora provided technically-excellent staff who were instrumental in helping us to understand and support a Big Data system that had been built in large part by now-departed staff members of Avvo. They were always available to me despite the huge (ten-hour) time zone difference, and they worked tirelessly and patiently to make sure that we were able to keep the system functioning and features being shipped. Since then, Mellivora has continued to provide many more excellent candidates for our other open reqs and have consistently struck a good balance between cost, skill, and team fit.

  Nick Marden, CTO @ Avvo

"...very flexible and responsive".

The Mellivora team have been very flexible and capable of addressing our development requirements very fast. I especially appreciate Olga's responsiveness who's been willing to help every time we've had a request.

Alexandros Poulis, Senior Director AI @ DataForce | TransPerfect

Staff augmentation

You take the benefit of a long-term full-time dedicated engineer without hiring them. Yes, that’s right: no need to hire

No hidden costs. Just a flat salary for the dedicated team member, who is 100% at your disposal.

Data-related projects 

You have the problem with data, we can solve it.

 Turnkey projects in 

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Management
  • DevOps
  • NLP/Machine Learning

Tech teams for startups 

You need the team for your MVP and beyond - we can provide it.

No need to hire internally the entire team. Budgeting is pain, and we get it.

We hire & manage the team for you, 100% tailored for your needs. Tell us your pain - get a solution.

IT Recruiting

You want to hire internally, we can help. 

Fixed fee of a 50% of the engineer’s monthly salary in case of a successful hire. 

  • no upfront fees
  • no recruiting fees
  • 2 months guarantee

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