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Conference On Computational Linguistics And Intelligent Systems

    At Mellivora, we aim at performing better results all the time; hence the constant self-education, idea showers, and active participation in the local and international IT conferences and events.

    A yearly international conference on computational linguistics for natural language processing engineers is held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (KhPI) . This year, our NLP engineer Olga Kanischcheva (on the right), has attended the event, which lasted for the entire two days.

The program of the conference has been quite busy scheduled (this one below is a Poster Section program only!):

Day 1 (18 April 2019)

1) Berko Andrii. Knowledge-based Big Data cleanup method

2) Shakhovska Nataliya, Basystiuk Oleh, Shakhovska Khrystyna, Zakharchuk Maryana. Development of the speech-to-text chatbot interface based on Google API

3) Golyan Vira, Golyan Nataliia. Effective methods of intelligent analysis in business processes

4) Kazarian Artem, Kunanets Nataliia, Pasichnyk Volodymyr, Veretennikova Nataliia, Rzheuskyi Antonii, Leheza Andrii, Kunanets Oksana. Complex Information E-Science System Architecture based on Cloud Computing Model

5) Meniailov Ievgen, Krivtsov Serhii, Ugryumov Mykhaylo, Bazilevich Kseniia, Trofymova Irina. Application of Parallel Computing in Robust Optimization Design

6) Fedushko Solomia, Syerov Yuriy, Kolos Sofiia. Hashtag as а Way of Archiving and Distributing Information on the Internet

7) Shandruk Uliana. The Quantitative Characteristics of Key Words in Texts of Scientific Genre (on the Material of the Ukrainian Scientific Journal)

8) Vladimir Golovko, Alexander Kroshchanka, Egor Mikhno, Myroslav Komar, Anatoliy Sachenko, Sergei Bezobrazov, Inna Shylinska. Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Recognizing the Images of Text Documents

9) Vladlen Shapo, Valeriy Volovshchykov. Cloud technologies application at English language studying for maritime branch specialists

Day 2 (19 April 2019)

1) G. Chetverikov. Structural approach in phonetic analysis on the example of the Ukrainian language

2) Olga Malyeyeva, Natalya Nosova, Oleg Fedorovych, Victor Kosenko. The semantic network creation for an innovative project Scope as a part of project knowledge ontology

3) Kunanets Natalіya, Halyna Matsiuk. Use of the smart city ontology for relevant information retrieval

4) Romanenkov Yu., Kosenko V., Lobach O., Grinchenko E., Grinchenko M. The method for ranking quasioptimal alternatives in Interval game models against nature

5) Viacheslav Frolov, Oleksandr Frolov, Vyacheslav Kharchenko. Classification of diversity for dependable and safe computing

6) Lyubomyr Chyrun, Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczen, Aleksandr Gozhyj, Andrii Berko, Andrii Vasevych, Irina Pelekh. Heterogeneous Data with Agreed Content Aggregation System Development

7) Tetiana Naumenko. Problems of storing and processing data in serverless technologies

8) Oleksii Puzik. Intelligence knowledge-based system based on multilingual dictionaries

9) Volodymyr Lytvynenko, Natalia Savina, Maria Voronenko, Maryna Yakobchuk, Olena Kryvoruchko. Bayesian Networks’ Development Based on Noisy-MAX Nodes for Modeling Investment Processes in Transport

Naturally, a presentation by Thierry Hamon (Université Paris 13) on Computational Terminology Extraction and a presentation on Why Letter N-Grams Can Classify Texts? Search for Relevant Keywords Using the Characteristic N-Grams by Jean-Hugues Chauchat (Université Lumière Lyon2) have been an exciting contribution to the conference.

Mellivora Software’s NLP engineer Olga Kanishcheva has PhD degree in Computer Science of the Intellectual Computer Systems, – same as her other NLP colleagues at Mellivora.

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